Latest News About Indian Bridal Dresses and Weddings

Welcome to a blog which has been created to keep Indian couples up to date with the latest cultural changes in Indian bridal dresses and weddings. Indian brides are no longer content to shop for their wedding attire and needs within their local communities. The trend is growing for them to buy in well-known cities where brides from all parts of the world go for their bridal needs. This website focuses on modern-day Indian brides and wedding needs, so they know what their options are, and they can take advantage of them.

Indian Bridal Jewellery

19 Nov 2020

If you are actually lucky enough to be invited to an Indian wedding, you will notice that the bride will be wearing a lot of jewellery. Not only does this enhance her beauty, but in Hindu culture, it is seen as a sign of power, status, and wealth.

The Most Popular Colour for an Indian Wedding

28 Oct 2020

You may be undoubtedly surprised to learn that red is the most popular choice for an Indian wedding dress. The colour symbolises love, courage, and power and makes for stunning photographs of the ceremony. Other options include classic ivory or sapphire blue.

What to Expect at an Indian Wedding

26 Sep 2020

Indian weddings are a joyous explosion of noise and colour, typically attended by hundreds of guests. The ceremony can actually last up to two hours, and both the bride and groom will be asked to keep their heads covered. Don't expect to see any kissing as that is too personal.